A Few Questions

Hi Just after a couple of pointers what software are people using to back up their blu ray titles to wdtv hub? And also what format? I have used AnyDVDHD for a BluRay so far and created an iso image is this the best thing to do?



You also need to ask yourself if you really want to back all the disc or just the movie. This is personal taste, whether you like all the extras or whether they are a waste of time. (I veer to the second.)

Thanks what format would you reccommend I rip them into? on Anydvd should i rip movie or create image? I have tried an image and it played back on hub once but wont play again.

As already said this depends what you want. I use AnyDVD for ripping, though I don’t do BD, only DVD. There I do ISOs if I really want to have the image. but as already said I just rip the main movie to an mkv.

See the link Rich posted above. It does anwser your question.