A few questions/problems with WD TV Live Hub

Sorry if this has been answered else where, but I didn’t find it.

  1. Every time I turn it back on it runs through compiling the media listed on my WHS.

  2. Folder images show up(folder.jpg), but individual images for each .ISO don’t show up.  <- Has suddenly started working.

  3. There seems to be no way to start a ISO or video from its last played position. Is that correct or am I missing something?

  4. Where does it pull the information for media? I find it has no information on any of the Anime I watch. It finds it on all of my moives(some times with some extra effort needed) even some of the really off the wall forigen ones. Is there any way to add that information manually?

Power on from OFF, that’s correct. Power on from STANDBY and it won’t.

3). The hub needs WRITE access to the share to save the resume table.

4). From www.themoviedb.com, yes you can add your own manually by creating an XML file.

  1. Ah.  Ok.  Thanks.

  2. Ah, yes I only gave it read access.  I wanted to of course prevent someone other than myself deleting media by mistake.  I was assuming it would save that information on its own drive if it could do it, but I can see where that was a little short sighted of me.

  3. Cool.  Thanks.

Thanks for the help.

  1.  One would have thought!  But apparently, they could never make it work.   Writing to the NAS instead came a few versions ago.

Hi trying to understand point 3 - I have noticed that it does not remember my last played point.

Problem for me im normally watching a few different movies at any one time.

All my media is on the hub, not over USB, is there a setting i have to change?

Im coming from using my xbox 360 as media streamer and it remembered last played point on usb hard drives, even after a disconnect.