A few questions / names / weather / standard theme?

Can someone post up what 5 xml filenames are used for the 5 different views

Can I edit the standard theme and substitute my xml files or do I have to download a copy.

Does any know the coding for the weather icon and temp, I know its called via inc_weather.xml, but I can’t find it, so can’t look at the code.

many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Here goes:

rv_preview_browse_page.xml : preview with a list to the left.
rv_video_browse_page.xml : 4 x 4 grid
rv_large_video_browse_page.xml : 3 x 3 grid
rv_list_browse_page.xml : 2 columns, 8 rows each, shows thumbnail for selected item
rv_gallery_browse_page.xml : a row of 7 covers, shows metadata

rv_list_browse_page.xml : see video
rv_music_browse_page.xml : a 4 x 3 grid

As you can see, video and music (and photos too by the way) share the rv_list_browse_page.xml.

It’s best to download the Legacy theme from WD first and have a look. It has most files, but I have to warn you: it’s not complete. Wd doesn’t want you to mess with the services, and for instance is the accu_weather folder missing from the Legacy theme. The only way to get hold of the complete Mochi theme is to extract it from the firmware update file.

For the weather and time, I rewrote decoration.xml. You can find it in the Mini theme thread under “Weather and Time mini mod”. Try it out :slight_smile:

You only have to supply the files you altered for your theme, the Hub will use the files from the built in Mochi theme for everything that’s missing.

Many thanks

is there any way to seperate the list browse for each one, i want to use a different cover for each one, thank you, also if u need the accu_weather folder to edit the weather icons i will upload it.

To my knowledge it works like this:

It is the firmware itself that controls what xml files are used for the browse list pages.

That means to have different lists for videos, music and photos, you have to change the firmware.

So no, it can not be done by editting the theme files.

As to distributing the accu_weather folder: as I see it, WD has their reasons to not provide a download link to the whole Mochi theme, but offer the Legacy theme instead. They stripped the accu_weather folder, among other files, from the Legacy theme. Better clear it first with a WD mod if it’s ok to spread these files around.