A few questions about Data LifeGuard (I'm kinda drowning)



I need to reinstall Windows but when I attempted to do so I got an error telling me that the drive is corrupt and that Windows was unable to be installed.

I want to erase the drive and I am wondering if the erase tool will delete all of the partitions on my drive. On the support page for the Erase feature (https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=1211#windlg) it says that the partitions and data will be wiped and/or erased with the implication of being overwritten but it doesn’t say deleted. I just need some clarification. I don’t know if partitions are considered data.

I’m guessing not and that I will need to erase each partition individually.

I really don’t know - I just know I want those partitions gone.

Thanks for any input.


no data life guard will only erase data. if you want to get rid of the partitions you can just use disk management or disk utility.

also if you have an SSD you can get the WD SSD Dashboard and secure erase the SSD. that will erase everything including partitions.