A Few beginners questions

Building the Media Library:

I see no option to limit the search for movies. In my case (network drive) that will mean that about 2TB are being searched of which 1TB is useless and also will result in lots of stuff that has no need to be in this library.

Is there no way to limit the search to certain folders?

 Also question on visuals.

I prefer to use the file format and browse thru folders. So all folders contain a folder.jpg depicting the type of content. I am able to view this in 2 ways. One is with a small picture and the other (nearly identical view) shows no picture.

How can I see the picture in the 2nd view also?

(I cannot succeed in uploading the picture. So here are the URL’s.

ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting


That is a picture of the preview screen. The video should start playing in the right hand pane. This view does not show the thumbnail. If you enter the preview pane then you can play the video / DVD but without menu’s / chapters.

It is not a movie that it shows it is a folder.

I would like to see the folder.jpg in this view just as I do see it (although very small) in the other view.

I believe that’s what richUK was saying.  The preview view does not show thumbnails, folder or movie.

There is a possible way of doing this, but it requires editing the theme xml to make it display.

Or your can use a theme like mine, which does display the folder and movie thumbnails in preview view.

See the 5th pic HERE.

Also, to your first question.  The HUB should only compile the shared files & folders on your network, not your entire 2TB HDD.


Looks nice. Will try that out tomorrow.

Shared files:

All on my NAS is shared but not all is Movies.

Anyway, I will only be working in this Preview View so the problem is partly solved.

Thanks for the theme.