A fatal system error detected. The device will restart... When auto framerate is on


I have a MAJOR PROBLEM with my wd tv live.

The problem is that with some videos mostly divx when i press the next button to take me to the next video file on the folder it bring me the error message of the title and after a lot of search i find out that the problem is the framerate and the prob don’t appear when i have the “Match video framerate” off.

So tell me please WHY i have that error messages even i try a lot of firmwares like

1.04.22, 1.05.04, 1.06.15 and the result is EXACTLY THE SAME…

Please tell me a solution that i can have the match frame rate on and don’t this error message appear again.

My tv is 1080p and i have try 3 different hard disk drives with no other result…

So this is a firmware error you don’t fix yet or is something else?

Doesn’t anyone has this problem?

And if it does how it solved?

Obviously not.

Post the text output from mediainfo for one (or more) of the files you are having problems with. http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

Here it is the details from an avi file that i have problem if match frame rate was enabled on my samsung le40c653 if when that file was play and i press the next file button to play the next file on this folder the second or third time i do it it bring me the error message.

Is there a solution about that?

I don’t meant the obvious solution to disable the matchframerate choise.


I cannot verify this through any documentation sources, but lots of folks on the net, including “B-Rad,” who writes the custom firmware for the WDTVs, say that QPEL is not supported.

Some people have said that QPel works fine.

Odd though that it would only be an issue of Auto Framerate is on.

Be that as it may; I would suggest you Re-code the XVids to a different format, turning of QPel and GMC (which isn’t on in your sample anyway) and see if things improve.

What is qpel?

Quarter Pixel.

It’s a more precise motion estimation calculation used in the compression algorithm.