A fast and simple, yet effective way to prevent freezing?

Ok, in my never ending search to prevent the WDT Live from freezing, I found the following:

  • Start the WDTV
  • Go to settings -> Network Settings
  • Click “Connect to network.” I have it wired, connecting goes automatically, giving you the famous turning wheel for a short while, indicating that the WDTV is actually connecting to your network afresh.
  • To be sure, click “check connection” in the same menu, all boxes should give a “v”.
  • That’s it! :slight_smile:
  • this will cost you only 10 seconds from your time! :slight_smile:

Other settings that might play a role are disabling Miracast, auto firmware updates and " product optimalisation Opt-in".

I am running 2.02.32.

Now choose the service you want. Do so every time after you started the WDTV up.

I did so several times and had no freezing anymore. Yesterday I played Spotify for an astonishing 10 hours, without one single freeze. As I type this, Spotify is playing for two hours already, without one single freeze again. Streaming movies from the harddisk from my PC via Windows filesharing also seems to run without freezing.

Only thing I didn’t test yet, was switching between services. This seems too good to be true!

So in my case, re-connecting to the network before I do anything, seemed to solve my freezing problems!

Streaming movies via file sharing and Spotify are the only services I have tested in this way, since those are two only two services I use. But they used to have a LOT of freezing… So I can’t speak for other services, like YouTube or Netflix.

Let me know if this works for you too and what service you were using!

The Netherlands

Hi, thank you very much for sharing this information, hopefully this will be useful to a user that could be experiencing this issue.

Yeah, maybe there is a single user somewhere who experiences the freezing problem, who knows? :slight_smile:

Thanks, mine was freezing every day within a few hours. I rolled back the firmware after several attempts following WD’s instructions and failing. Instead, I had go to settings and select check for firmware updates while the USB with the firmware files was attached. It then would say new firmware is available but it would show the incorrect version number; you can ignore that and proceed. After reboot the correct version number would display. All I do is stream from my NAS so I am not missing anything from the newer version.