A Big Problem

Hello Everyone, I bought a MyLike Book device on Bestbuy - California 3 months ago, but now I’m back to Brazil and yesterday my device stopped working, when I plug it on the wall socket it makes some noise but the frontal and the network led don’t blink. What should I do?


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Hi, to verify if it’s working fine you can try connecting it directly to the PC and use WDlink to map it on your computer. Check the link below for the steps. If that doesn’t help you can press the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds. 


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Hello, it’s a pitty but your tip didn’t work. I installed WDLink and reseted Book Live but it doesn’t blink the led’s. I tried to change the network cable too, but I can’t see anything different, It’s funny but when a put my ear near to the drive I can feel that it is working.
What should I do now?
As I told I’m from Brazil and Western Digital doesn’t comercialize this device here, perhaps it won’t be covered by the warranty?

thanks again

is brazil on 110/60 cycle?

Hello Cman, what is the 110/60 cycle?

Some parts of Brazil use 110 volt AC, other parts of Brazil use 220 volt AC.

The power supply in the US version may only be a 110V power, and if you plugged it into 220 volt, it may have destroyed the drive.  I thought all of the power supplies on WD hardware were dual voltage, but you should check that.

Hello, I have checked and my device is Bivolt (110/220v automatic). I opened an RMA on Wd website, I hope they answer this soon.