8TB Gold Unable to writ eot last bloc, of device

I’m trying to format my 8TB WD Gold. In disk utility on mac (10.10.5) it says it can’t write to last block of drive. Is there a firmware I need to install so my mac will understand a drive this large?
I ordered two drives and they both have the same issue attempting to format.

Hello there,

Try to format the drive in a different file system or perhaps a different partition table, maybe this will help.

Thanks ArMak. I tried all format options. I also tried partitioning from 1 to 4 partitions and none of those would let me format the drive. I’m still looking to see if there is a firmware update for my mac tower. I would assume if would be part of the OS install for 10.10.

You can also try to format the drives on a different computer and then put them on this one.

I’ve tried to format it on a linux hp, mac trashcan and mac tower. I found an old thread saying to use an old version of disk utility. That didn’t work either.