8 My Passports for Mac, each with different security behavior

Since 2012 I’ve bought 8 My Passports for Mac and one for PC that was later formatted for Mac. I use the WD drive security feature on each of these drives and each presents a different approach. The drive I reformatted works the best. When I plug in the reformatted-for-Mac drive a small dialog always pops up asking for the password. I enter the password and the dialog closes. On one drive for Mac the dialog pops up most of the time and closes after entering the password.

On the other drives the dialog often does not appear, after entering the password I must choose to close the dialog, and on two drives I’m pestered with either 2 or numerous repeating prompts to elect to use keychain, very annoying.

Can I change the security software on each of these drives to the software on one of the better drives?

One problem, the best My Passport for Mac does not have a separate partition that shows in Filer so it is not apparent where the security software is located.


This is a very strange situation.

Are you able to test those units on a different PC. If stills the same, try contacting WD Support for direct assistance.

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