8 Months Later

Every once in a while, you just want to be wrong. This is what I wrote on this forum on 11/30/13 and it’s remarkable how little has changed since then…

"Based on initial user experience, it is becoming increasingly apparent that “My Cloud” may actually have been better named "My Thunderstorm.

I have been in the tech industry for a long time and seldom have I seen a new product have such a poor launch. To be fair, the goals for My Cloud were ambitious. Unfortunately, it appears that the product was not quite ready for prime time. Though the media reviews have largely been positive, many of us trying to use this product outside of a lab environment are experiencing a lot of frustration. Inconsistent network disconnects, wildly varying bandwidth rates, slow reboot times and at times overall performance, backup software that fails at its primary task, inconsistent messaging and guidance from the tech support team, and a lack of accountability and communication relative to these product issues on the part of Western Digital overall.

Mr. Milligan (President and CEO of WD), if you want your company to play a leading role in ushering in the next wave of personal cloud computing systems, then you have to assume this task with a much stronger effort, more robust offerings, and better overall customer engagement. As consumers, we recognize that we are entering a new frontier of hybrid cloud computing systems. We want to see this product succeed. It is a great concept at an attractive price point. But My Cloud has to provide a greater degree of consistent performance. The types of issues being raised on the WD Community Forum and elsewhere are representative of a Beta-grade product and not of a commercial-grade product.

Acknowledge the issues, set a realistic go-forward plan, communicate with your customers, and go make My Cloud the great product both you and your customers want it to be."


I couldn’t agree more.

I was happy and content with my MyBookLive (2TB) and hoping for some new improvement when I purchase MyCloud (4TB) last year. Now i really regret buying this product.

My old MyBookLive performs better than MyCloud.


Very well said.  Unfortunately, we are now weeks into the FW 4.00 upgrade saga and WD has not really come out to acknowledge the problem and to assure the users on the corrective steps to be taken to get MyCloud into a stable and functional storage device.  I am one of the fortunate ones with the FW 4.00 upgrade (it did that automatically based on my setup) that still has a working device (although I keep my fingers crossed and treat the MyCloud gently for fear of any misbehavior!).  I empathise with those who have done the FW 4.00 upgrade and now faced with all sorts of issues that have made their MyCloud virtually non-functional.  

Come on WD - show us some positive signs!

You can send product feedback. http://www.wdc.com/en/company/contact/ .

I am one of the lucky ones, I am satisfied with my My Cloud.

No problems on my end either.  Have 4 My Clouds with latest FW.  Also this is a user to user forum so only once in a while a WD worker will visit the forums.