750GB Caviar Black

Recently I ordered a 750gig Caviar Black HDD from Newegg.  When I received the drive, and I attempted to install windows, it told me Windows did not support the GPT partitioning was not recognized by windows 7 etc…

Even after using Gparted (which I’ve had tons of success with) and Partition Magic, and Partition Wizard (all of which failed) I was still unable to do anything with the drive.  My first question is, what on Earth would make a drive act like this.  My understanding (which is limited) is that for a drive to be partitioned in the first place, it had to have been tinkered with prior to it being shipped.  This was supposed to be a new drive so I don’t know if Newegg is shipping refurbished product without stating they are.  If that’s the case, I’ll just use a different site to order from.

I sent that drive back, and received another drive.  After installing the drive into the tower, I get clicks from it.  So, I had to RMA this through Western Digital because it’s been 30 days since the purchase of the original drive from Newegg.  

My second question is, are the Caviar Blacks having this much trouble, or am I just the lucky two time loser?

No problems so far with my Blacks

You might just be getting bad drives

Try testing the drive with Hard Disk Sentinel or other software

I would try a 1 TB Black Caviar. I had very bad experiences with the 500 GB ones and I skipped over the 750s for that reason.