6tb My Book deceleration/whining noise when unplugging USB or power cord

I recently bought a new WD 6 terabyte My Book external hard drive. I’ve been testing it out and it works fine, however every time I unplug the USB or power cable the hard drive makes a brief (1 second) deceleration/whining noise that none of my other externals HD have made. My question: is this noise normal or is it an indication that something is wrong?

Below is a video of what I’m describing, the noise happens at the 7 second mark (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KdomUJFu90)

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Did you ‘safely eject’ the drive before pulling out the USB Cable ?

Does it make the same sound (leaving all the cables plugged in) when shutting down your computer ?

Unless you own another 6TB My Book … you can’t really compare drive sounds as different capacities and models have different sounds. (i have a 4TB My Passport Ultra that makes a loud BEEP when powered down … which is normal, but my 4TB Elements SE does not)

Hi Joey, thanks for the reply!

To answer your questions-
(1) Yes it still makes the noise even when safely ejecting the drive (and leaving all cables plugged in)
(2) And yes, it makes the noise when I power down my laptop.

I don’t have another 6TB My Book, and I haven’t seen any other posts regarding this issue, but I do have a 2TB WD external HD (albeit 10 years) and a 2TB WD passport and they never made this noise.



I have purchased a MyBook 6tb external HDD in January, and it made exactly same sound as you linked when i unplugged it from PC after safely ejecting. It doesnt sounded like normal hdd noise.

I returned it, they sent me an another drive, which also makes this strange sound when unplugging! I fear this issue is related to head parking, and the disk will not last long. Any recommendation?

Hey guys. I also have this issue. Is it bad news?

Cuz honestly I didn’t notice any difference form my other WD drives in terms of performance… so, what’s the cause of this weird noise when ejecting/unplugging the drive?