6Tb My Book as a network drive

I am confused and the documentation doesnt seem to help.

I have a 6Tb My Book which only has a USB 3.0 connector. I want to use this as a network drive so have connected it via USB 3.0 to my Router USB socket. It would appear not to have an IP address on the router as far as I can tell. What next?

It seems the router can see this, but I cant find anyway to see this on my Windows 8.1 PC.

Did I miss the point and these drives can only be used as Personal Storage directly connected to a PC?

I don’t think the My Books are intended to be used as network drives connected to a router.


You’ll have to use the router’s admin panel to share the drive with the network.  How this is done, or if this is even possible, depends completely on the make and model of router you have.