6TB HDD not displaying in Win XP 32 bit

I just purchased a 6 TB HDD. The HDD is not showing in Win XP 32 bit “My Computer”.

I am aware of limitation of XP 32 bit in that it can detect only 2 TB drives.

However I am not able to format the 6 TB to 3 x 2TB logocal drives.

Hard disk is getting detected through WD raid manager & already configured for RAID0 mode.

The drive is also getting detected in WD data lifeguard diagnostics.

My 6 TB HDD is not getting detected by Windows disk management console

However if I connect my other 2 TB WD My Book HDD, it gets detected by windows all right, indicating USB port & drivers are working all right.

Has anyone been able to configure the drive to be detected in Win XP 32 bit?



Chances are the drive only has two 3TB HDD inside

Any reason why you stick to an obsolete OS?

I have lots of applications & scripts running in my XP machine & do not want to go through the time consuming process of building a new system from scratch.

Not to mention, I will have to check first if the scripts run o the newer OS.

Also, before switching over to latest OS, I wanted to make sure that there is no resolution to the issue in XP