63° Celsius? My Passport Ultra 4TB USB-C

Recommended maximum temperature for this drive is 55° Celsius, I am getting maxima of 63° - even though the drive is properly ventilated at the bottom and the top. Since this drive is used to backup my computer and important Photoshop & ProTools music projects, I cannot risk any failures of this drive.
See attached picture for more details.
And: Even when the disk is just connected and spinning, without any reading or writing, the temperature is at 52°!
The exterior of the enclosure is noticeably warm to the touch. I would not consider this “hot” as to “not able to touch it anymore” - but we’re talking about possible faulty heat dissipation, that leaves the HDD inside the enclosure at those too high and unhealthy temperatures…

Is the drive faulty? Any recommendations?

Thanks for your help!

Hi dvdr,

We recommend testing the performance of My Passport Ultra using WD Drive Utilities. The WD Drive Utilities provides three diagnostic tools to help make sure that your supported drive is performing well.

Failing these tests will indicate an issue with the drive and you can contact WD’s Support to get a replacement under warranty.

I must again contact you regarding this matter - I did use the WD Drive Utilities and they said, the drive was fine. But again, please let me express my doubts, whether the drive can withstand the high temperatures (up to 63° Celsius!) for longer times and provide a safe backup solution. I am really afraid, that the drive is forced to work outside of its specification and all over sudden will fail.