500 song limit for playlist in networked folder

I’m not sure if this has been covered or not but when I try to load a playlist of all my networked music, rather than going into each individual artist, genre etc., it caps out at 500 songs.

Can anyone else confirm this? I really don’t want to put all my music in one folder.

I have a m3u playlist on a networked drive which has over 7700 entries.

More info required.

What sort of playlist do you have.

Are you playing them via network shares.

What happens when you load your playlist. 

How many files does it show in the top right hand corner.

The playlist was made using windows media player 12 so it’s a .wpl file. Yes they are played over the network shares since all my music is on my hard drive on my PC, when they are loaded, the first song in alphabetical order is started. the number on the top right hand side shows 1/500.

It was abit odd when I set it up for random yet almost 4/5 songs were from AC/DC regardless what i did, lol.