5 Ghz signal gone

I use Win 10 , my 5 ghz signal gone only 2.4Ghz signal detected
I already set BOTH for this

Anyone help ?

How far apart is your PC and your MPW? 5g has shorter range and you may have exceeded the range.

approx 1 meter

Hmm, the likelihood it is “gone” is slim, being that the 2.4G is showing up. If you have an android phone or tablet, install a free and excellent app on it that enables folks to see the wireless signals near them. It is called Wi-Fi Analyzer. Also, if your mobile phone can see the 5G is another way to quickly confirm its presence. Just because your PC is not detecting it is not evidence it is “gone”.

I can use 5ghrz with my android phone, but yg My laptop (win10) doesnt detect 5G…hmm any help ?

So, apparently your wireless drive is emitting 5G if your phone can detect it, and the problem is with the laptop. Can your laptop detect other 5G signals? Are you sure it is designed to detect 5G?

yes, bcause first time I used 5g wireless drive to tranfer my data with my WIN10 (laptop), and I dont know why it not detect again. Maybe firewall can block the signal ? or another setup ?

I am not there to troubleshoot, so it is pointless for me to keep guessing. Good luck with finding solution. Check w/ WD.

Hi @ptot, this is indeed strange. I’d set up a customer service ticket, and while waiting for a reply, I’d tinker with some settings…like changing the name of the 5GHz network, changing the password, etc.

The fact that your phone sees it is great, the fact that your Win 10 machine once saw it is also encouraging. Thus I’m wondering if something happened in Win 10 network settings, since it worked once.

Also, out of my own curiosity, may I ask why you would like to connect your Win 10 PC to MPWP via Wi-Fi and not via USB 3.0?

Good question, Alex! I had same question. Most of us never connect wirelessly when via USB is MUCH faster! Connecting wirelessly is mostly for mobile devices, not computers; such as for streaming media file from drive to tablet.

What happens if you manually type in the MPWP’s 5GHz Wi-Fi Name and PW for manual connection?

I want to use MPWP for tranfering data or document with my 3 Laptop in my home, each in another room :slight_smile:

I already add newroek manually type and password, cant conected with 5ghz hihi :smiley:

The fact that your 5G signal appears to still be undetectable by your computer is not good Is it currently detectable by any device (e.g. phone) now?

Based upon your comment above, you bought an inappropriate device, because 1) it needs to always be on 24/7 and i2) not intended to be that way, because it needs repeated charging. You should not leave it constantly plugged into power so as not to damage battery, 3) It also should be on your network and not operating as stand-alone. What you really need is a NAS that is always on, and plugged directly into your network and always available. These devices are sold by WD under the products called My Cloud.

I wish you success solving your problems, but I need to move on now from this topic.

Where did you setup both?

I can only setup this:

Thank you!