4To in a Book Pro Edition II... Don't work


I install two HD (2 x 2 To Caviar Green) in a MyBook Pro Edition II, and config RAID 0.

But it doesn’t work, on macintosh, there’s only 1,8 To available, one of the two HD seems to be invisible…

(I already try to update the firmware, with Drive Genius…)

If you have any ideas, please help,


I find: it’s no possible. I want to make JBOD, and this driver also do RAID 0 or 1…


Hi there, I don’t want to sound blunt but I don’t think it’s going to work… The case may have a size limit due to its age…

Even the newer drives have problems when adding more space than what the unit had from stock (Except the Sharespace as far as I know)