4TB My Cloud NAS Drive LED solid red (orange?) after power outage

My building just had a power outage that lasted 20-30 seconds.
Since then my NAS (4TB My Cloud) has the LED as a solid red (orange?) and it isn’t recognized by my PC.
I tried both a soft reset and a hard reset, but neither did anything and it remains with a solid red (orange?) LED.
And it was working perfectly fine before the power outage (and all of my other devices are still functioning after the power outage).
The NAS serial number is: WCC4E0833501
If someone knows anything, please please help!

I’m in the same situation, if someone have any idea!!

ola ! estou com problema parecido, minha uidade fica com um led vermelho solido e nao reconhece , onde posso achar uma garantia?

Me too