4TB G-Drive auto rename to MyBook and delete all data

I’ve just purchased a 4TB G-Drive - Thunderbolt & USB 3.0, to use mainly as storage for caches, render and previews. I’ve connected it to a macbook pro with thunderbolt (Yosemite).
All working great, at first.
But, switching it on suddently it renamed itself as MyBook and all the data in it disappeared (just 10/20 gb of temp renders and previews, thankfully).
At start, mac app Time Machine popped up asked me if I want to use it as backup disk as if it was a new empty one. I’m 100% sure I refused, but it seems that it automatically did wipe it clean before asking.
I decided to format it clean from disk utility. It worked fine for a couple of days and then it did the same again. Auto renamed to MyBook and all data gone.
Obviously I can’t trust it anymore, and I’m thinking of returning it.
It’s a pity, because it works great, a part from this crazy thing.

Any ideas of what is happening? I’m pretty confident I didn’t do anything unusual…

Many thanks!


The issue you are having is actually to do with the MyBook WD software you have installed on your Mac.

Once you uninstall that software you will no longer have this issue. They have an updated version of the software if you need to continue using the WD software but this issue wasn’t the cause of the G-Tech drive but a bug in an older version of that WD MyBook software installed on your system.

Thanks for your help.
Following your direction, I found more info online.
Really scary.
Hopefully I now managed to delete all the istances of it.