4k Sector Drives/Drive alignment


I am seeking some advice regaurding 4k secor drives. 

I Apply XP images to numerous Dell machines on a daily basis, most of the images were built on 512b sector drives, so when I apply the image the drive is not aligned. I have recently started to allign the images as they applied.

Prior to my aligning drives I had one of the systems I’ve done lose data and the customer blamed this on the fact that the drives wernt alligned therefore making the drives work harder, reducing the life-span of the drives and ultimately causing their loss of data. I tried to explain that data loss due to mis-alignment is very unlikely and the only way they would be affected is the performance of the system. 

Can someone claify this? Or provide me with more insight into the issue? 



Don’t know a lot about this topic, PM  TonyPh12345 and he might be able to give you some advice.