480i over Component?


I have setup the Component cables on my old Samsung CL29M40MQ (link to manual) TV following the manual instructions red-to-red, blue-to-blue and green-to-green and also used the composite cable to connect the audio L/R to my TV too. My TV supports 480i over Component.

The problem is that when i switch to Component on my TV i just get a distortionated image.

Even when i switch the Video options in the WDTV Live to Component > 480p > NTSC > RGB or YUV gives the same result

I dont see the option for 480i in the Component Video Settings of the WDTV Live

Thanks for your help


I also need the 480i over component, but the composite 480i works fine.  Are you sure its set to NTSC on composite mode.  Your tv will not work on anything with progressive scan its just too old.


Composite works fine, no problems with it, but i would like to use Component for better video quality.


You will need to find a component converter from 480p or higher  to 480i of some sort.   Let me know what you find.


LOL but in the WDTV Live manual it says that it support 480i :angry:


I would like 480i over component too. Better screen quality and Im sure its just some firmware thing.

Please WD fix this.


In the manual it says that it supports 480i on Composite only (page 15)


It also says 480i/576i depending on what the tv will accept.


480i is the standard definition broadcast for 525 line NTSC (USA etc)

576i is the standard definition broadcast for 625 line PAL (UK etc)


Hi I’ve tried all three types of connection from the WDTV live box to the media box of my pioneer plasma tv, if you cannot use an HDMI connection the natural second best choice should be component, which should be able to handle HD to 720P, but curiously my wdtv live box, with the latest firmware is giving a picture which is almost indistinguishable from the ‘low’ quality bog standard av connection… there really should be a noticeable improvement in using component connection over standard composit av  even with the cheap quality lead supplied with the wdtv, i’m just not seeing it!.  Using the HDMI connection gives an excellent quality picture with both standard and hi-def material… although using that connection I’m getting playback  which slightly jumps every few seconds hence the reason i’m using composit until my HDMI issue is resolved.

I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing quality through component which is lower than expected?


one more vote for 480i/576i option in component connection


Im using Component with my DVD Player and it looks fine, so its not a TV related issue, so please support 480i in a future firmware release 


My 480I on component on dvd works great too, not sure why they wouldn’t  think it wasn’t needed?:cry:


Hi, another vote for 480i over component, I really hope WD can add this to the firmware. My older Samsung SD TV has a great picture so I haven’t upgrade to HD yet, maybe in another year or two. Right now I use my DVD player and digital cable with 480i component and the picture is much better than standard video RCA input, I’d like to be able to do the same with the WD Live.


Another vote for adding 480i and 576i over component in the new firmware.

I have an philips tv of 2001 which supports only interlaced over component.


Yet another “me, too” vote for supporting 480i with component video connections.


FYI I created a support request for this issue and asked if they were planning to add 480i over component support in the future. Here is the (somewhat bizarre) response I received… Clearly Western Digital has little concern for our requests:

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Scott ***.

Unfortunately as we are a publicly traded company I would be unable to answer this question. However I recommend you post your suggestion to the WD community forums at http://community.wdc.com to make our product development team aware of the issue.

I hope that we have met your expectations today and that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

Scott ***.
Western Digital Service and Support


I have found the solution by myself. I have bought a similar mediaplayer from a direct hard disk brand competitor and now I can set on component cable the interlaced resolution of 480i and 576i, …maybe it will have some minor bugs (like wd tv live) and a different chipset, but at least the basic functionalities work…I will sell my wd tv live on the bay.

I’m convinced that the possibility to connect the mediaplayer to all the older and newer televisions is a basic functionality and  I think that the basic functionalities are necessary for a succesful project and are the first objective to be reached.

I hope that my post will increase the speed in solving this bug asap in the next firmware and let you enjoy what you have bought without finding a solution like mine…


One more vote for 480i over component video.


The quality of component out is identical to that of composite, this unit  does not support TRUE component, it is FAKE component  - I’d say the composite still has better quality at times. [text deleted]