4200 restart setup? factory default?

Okay for what ever reason our 4200 did not complete the setup process.  Now all we have is a blank desktop and the drives are not configured.  Can I just restart the setup?  Or maybe set it back to factory default and try again?


I recommend you contact support directly for assistance with this issue.

Contact WD

sorry, I should have replied earlier that I saw your question.  I was away from my dx4200 and could not do the ask remotely

I am confused you say the desktop is blank, but then you say no drives are configured.  How do you see this if it is blank?

Anyway’s the only way I have been able to figure out how to recover is you have to be able to load windows.  Just seems wrong to me, but no one listens.

If you are just starting recovery is fine, but again you have to be at a desktop.  Right clcik the start/window and hold down shift while yyou clcik restart.  It will look like it is shutting down but you will get options.  Advanced>troubleshoot> restore WD factory image

I have no real clue why you cant get the restor wd image booting from a thumb drive


page 70

If it will not boot you will need to contact WD for an image