403 error on LAN

Given 403 Forbidden when trying to connect on local network.
This is a new problem.


Any ideas?

Can still connect to the box as fileshare and media server. It’s the web interface that results in a 403.

Hello, apcimino,

Well, try to use any other browser or if the issue persists please go ahead and perform a 4 second reset. In order to reset the drive for 4 sec please check the link given below.

Thanks for the advice Rocky. Just for anyone else, I encountered the 403 Forbidden error using the browser Dashboard while trying to figure out why access to Mycloud on the LAN (all devices wired in my case) from several PC’s was so sluggish. I could eventually get to files after 30 or seconds, and eventually download, but running like an old dog. It was also causing sync issues with Outlook client and the PST files on the Mycloud server, and I suspect preventing streaming to my set-top box.

I tried the 4 second reset option (paperclip into the reset hole for 4 seconds while Mycloud still on) as suggested by Rocky.S and after the front panel indicator went solid blue (about 15 min), all was back to normal. Would love to know why the Mycloud got into this status in the first place, but happy all is good.