400+ Moviesheets already created...what is my best option to use these?

Hello community,

I have a SMP that I have been learning for the last few days.

At the risk of asking a supid question…I have read several great threads/posts and guides on the site. I’ve found some great threads on custom themes, and how to use Thumbgen to create moviesheets that are compatible with these themes. This is my ulimate goal.

Now here’s my issue…I’m a little overwhelmed.

I already have a collection of 400+ movies, each in their individual folder, each with moviesheets, thumbs, and .xml files created by thumbgen (Technically it’s an .nfo and not an .xml file…but I believe I can just change the extension, as they are both just text files and I think they have the same exact info). There are 2 moviesheets for each movie, a “wall” and a “standard” type sheet. These were set up for use with my previous Patriot Box Office.

I’d like to use what I have if possible, without considering re-doing everything. I don’t mind a little tweaking.

Where do I start? Is this possible?


I would also like to know how to use my own customer made sheets. There must be some kind of a snkeay trick to do this. Let hope if somebody can help us out.

After reading even more, it seems that themes for the SMP are still in their infancy and not as developed as themes for the HUB, and I just need to wait a little bit to see what develops.

I know I can mess around with the HUB themes, but I will wait to see what develops for the SMP.

Will be patiently waiting for a theme that will allow me to use my already created “Standard” or “Sheet” style moviesheets using the Brightly Dark Template: [http://www.wdtvlive.net/showthread.php?385-Brightly-Dark-by-bg1-(Brightly-720p-Standard-Sheet-amp-Wall-mod](http://www.wdtvlive.net/showthread.php?385-Brightly-Dark-by-bg1-(Brightly-720p-Standard-Sheet-amp-Wall-mod)

It appears that Alaska doesn’t use moviesheets, and Mojo looks GREAT…but isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. Hoping the themes keep coming.