40 sec reset not working

So i had some issues which led me to do a 40 sec reset while i plugged the power in.

it doesnt seem to be doing anything than a regular reset. I get the pinkish led and then after about 1-2 min the led goes blue.

My issue was that some how i manged to stop remote access working posisbly due to my messing around with apacahe config.

I had ssh enabled. I had first done a “system on” restore from the dashboard. Which caused my drive to get to its current state…now the led is blue… i can ping it., i can access the samba shares but i cannot access the dasboard anymore. on top of that ssh access also got disabled…

Any ideas people? please.

Look for posts on how to unbrick a WD MyCloud. It looks like you have some Linux knowledge, so it should be manageable

For example


Yup, had to pop it open…restored stock .img and somewhat back up and running.


I got this to work by doing a 40 second reset with the power left on - not unplugged as it says inthe manual - I may just have been lucky I don’t know, but I am back up and working which is a start.