4 TB USB HDD possible?


is it possible to connect a 4 TB external USB HDD to the USB-Port of MyCloud? Ist there a maximum capacity of devices connected to USB 3.0 port?


I presently have a 4TB WD MyBook drive connected to the USB port and have not experienced difficulty.

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Yes you can use a 4TB external USB drive. See the following thread where a similar question was asked recently and where one person indicated they’re using a 4TB drive with their My Cloud.


Don’t think there is a maximum capacity officially reported yet. There are issues with using certain USB hard drives but they are not related to the capacity rather how the manufacturer initially created the partition and then formatted it.

I have 4 hdd connected to the mycloud 4tb nas. using a 4 ports 3usb hub.
hdd are a 1tb verbatim, 2x5 tb wd elemts and one 3tb wd elements and I have no issues with that.