3x4 vs 6x2 in RAID 0

Hi experts, I have searched everywhere for this answer, but cannot find it.

I will be using this RAID for 4k editing in Final Cut on an iMac Pro.

Let’s say there are two RAID 0 setups, Setup 1 with 12TB spread across two drives (6x2) and Setup 2 with 12TB spread across four drives (3x4).

Is Setup 2 faster than the Setup 1, because the 12TB is spread across four drives? Or are they both the same in terms of performane?

I am planning on only using RAID 0, and so am trying to figure if I should buy a single 12TB HDD (which is cheaper than a RAID), or set up a RAID 0 12TB. And if it’s a RAID 0 12TB, if the number of bays matters.

Thank you SO MUCH. I literally searched Google everywhere and could not find this answer.

More drives = more speed.