3TB HDD reads as 800MB


I got a 3TB HDD WD30EFRX and would like to use it as back up storage.

This HDD is only recognized for 800MB when I installed to external HDD reader. Can anyone advise a solution?

Thank you.

I’ll let the pros assist you but i can guess they’ll say you got a bad drive and you need to RMA it. But im not a pro on computers

What do you mean with “external hdd reader”? A docking station? Connected via USB or via eSATA? If connected via USB, then supported the bridge chip of “external hdd reader” not so large disks. If via eSATA, it’s a driver issue.

Hi Madnex,
It is a docking station connected via USB. Anyway to resolve this issue?

Your docking station has an 32-bit LBA limitation. That is the reason why the drive is not recognized correctly. Your current docking station supports max. 2TB HDDs. The only solution for you is to buy another docking station which does not have this limitation. Buy a USB3.0 docking station and you will be able to use the disk drive with the whole capacity.

OK. Thanks for the advice.
Will try it and let you know once I have an answer.

I checked that the docking station I used was a USB3.0 type.