3TB hard drive is STILL a hit and miss thing

I know some people have luck with it , but for me it is a no go.

I just bought this new 3TB WD Element p/n WDBAAU0030HBK. 

I copied some avi, mkv to it , and it is not  recognized with WD TV Live Streaming Media Player running  latest firmware 1.13.18

I already tried reformat the drive NTFS as a whole drive as well as split it to  two 1.5TB drives.

Also tried put  .AVI at the root folder.

Also tried copy  .WD_TV folder from my 2TB drive as well.

Tried using the front USB port.

Tried plug in  directly to wall.

Measured Voltage @12.35 w no load, adapter is 12V - 1.5A.

Tried reset the unit to Factory Default

Tried roll back to 1.12.14.

Any other ideas???

Why copy the .wd_tv folder when switching HDDs? You should delete it so the SMP can generate a new one.

IF the device is working, it will create the folder on its own, but since it did not work, so I tried copy the folder, DUH!

WD support now thow their hands up, they told me to do an RMA return.

I’ve just had this same problem. I have two 3TB Seagate Expansion drives which have worked fine for the past few firmware updates until 1.13.18. Now neither drive will work with the smp.

Both drives work fine with my laptop so it’s definitely a problem with the smp.

I also tried rolling back the firmware but no joy.

WD Support also recommend I do an RMA return but what worries me is am I just going to get the same problem again.

I would like to know if this is a Firmware or Hardware problem.

it sounded like WD upgrade firmware to prevent Seagate working with their device.

But It also screwed up my WD Element hard drive as well. LOL.

Yup they told me to RMA it.

Well I RMA’d mine. This new one doesn’t work either.

I can see that the SMP is scanning the Seagate 3TB HDD but when you go to select ‘Local Storage’ it always says that there is none present. It begs the question that what was the SMP scanning then if the HDD is not present?

What is really annoying is that it was working fine for a couple of months until the 1.13.18 update.

I find it hard to believe that, by now, nobody at WD knows what is causing this problem.

Yup, I RMA’d another TV LIve box one and  my 3TB hard drive is a WD element, not Seagate, still did not work.

I tried roll back a couple version  without any luck.