3TB Essential File system formatter failed

This drive will simply be used for backups.

I am able to format as NTFS-3G but have discovered that it is useless for Carbon Copy Cloner.

Any help is appreciated as i am finding no joy on my own. Thank you.

error log…

Disk Utility started.

Preparing to partition disk: “WD My Book 1140 Media”

Partition Scheme: GUID Partition Table

2 partitions will be created

Partition 1

Name: “Backup2”

Size: 2 TB

Filesystem: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Partition 2

Name: “Backup1”

Size: 1 TB

Filesystem: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Unmounting disk

Creating partition map

Waiting for disks to reappear

Formatting disk3s2 as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with name Backup2

Partition failed for disk (null) File system formatter failed

What OS do you have?

Try erasing the entire partition and then create the partitions you want

BTW NTFS-3G is an app an not a format and you can not format a drive on NTFS if on Mac

it can be formatted on FAT32 

In disk utility, check the partitioning type of your drive. Click on the hardware description line for the drive in the column on the left. In the info on the bottom you want GUID as the partition type (for your Intel based Mac). If this is not correct, you can repartition the drive in Disk Utility. Then try to format it Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). If that doesn’t work you may have a faulty drive.

my os… snow leopard 10.6.8

i uninstalled ntfs-3g after discovering its uslessness (is that a word?) for CCC.

I reinstalled to rule out this format problem as i was sure that i successfully formatted the drive as ntfs. I guess you are right as i can only format as ExFat with 2 partitions.


“hardware description line” do you mean “information” for that drive? If yes, then that is what i supplied above. I made sure to choose GUID. If no, please explain further as i see no mention of “hardware description”.

I cannot erase the drive leaving one 3tb partition. I only get success with 2 partitions, and only in ExFat format. Is it possible to have a “faulty drive” which can be formatted in ExFat but nothing else? I would have bet that a faulty drive would not be able to be formatted at all.

Can anyone confirm whether a drive can be formatted as exFat but nothing else? Is this 3tb Essential drive garbage?

The drive can be formatted to any file system

try erasing on the Mac and formatting

on windows you can use Data Lifeguard to test and erase the drive

thanks Wizer. I understand that it SHOULD be able to be formatted to any file system. What I’d like to know is, why can I format as ExFat but nothing else?

I cannot erase this 3TB on my mac; not chosing any file system. This is because its larger than 2TB yes?

I can format into 2 partitions but again, only in ExFat. 

Also, I can not erase this 3TB drive on my PC because XP cannot work with a HDD above 2TB, correct?

Has anyone come across a Hard Drive which can only be formatted as ExFat? And if so, is it fixable?

I’d like to add that I never had a problem formatting my 2TB Essential. I simnply want to understand so that i can move on with my life. :slight_smile:

300 views. No one has experienced these problems?

For those in the same situation, yes a 3tb esstential HDD can damaged to the point where it can not be formatted as anything except ExFat.

SMART status = Bad

WD smart = Fail

Luckily it is under warranty. So it has been shipped off for replacement.

Would i buy WD again? I have two HDD; one good and one bad, but customer service was just plain rude so no, I would not buy WD again. 

I hope you all have better luck.