3ivx Flip Videos, Twonky and PS3

Those three things don’t seem to play well together.  The Flip video (3ivx) stored on the MBWE, served through Twonky and played on a PS3 are unwatchable due to massive choppiness.  I mentioned this to a coworker of mine who is a home media junky and he said that the PS3 cannot play this type of file from a media server unless that media server converts the video on the fly.  He mentioned PlayOn as the one he uses for this specific thing.  

My question.  Are there any plans to add this to the MBWE or Twonky?  I know can use conversion software to convert before saving to my MBWE but don’t think that is a solid solution when the media server software should handle this type of thing.  Anyone else have this issue? 

What is yor firmware version? On your my book world that is.