3D subtitle

I have WD elements and new LG 3D TV.

I have few 3D SBS movies and when I play them picture is excellent.

My problem is:

  • I can’t find the solution for 3D movie subtitles. I use 3D-subtitler (the only software for this on the net) and convert srt subtitle to sub/idx. When I put that subtitle into mkv and play with my WD Elements the left eye and right eye subtitle are not at the same horizontal position and the movie is unusuable.

The EP doesn’t support that configuration.

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And what about this?

I think that you must find the solution for that problem.

3D is the future, think about that.

vladimirned wrote:

I think that you must find the solution for that problem.

Just who do you think I am and just who do you think you are to tell me I must do something? If you think something must be done then tell that to WD since they made the EP, not me.

There’s an ideas section for future development, 3D might be the future but it was not considered to be the future when the EP was developed, It’s not like it’s a “problem” that needs to be solved, not everything is future-proof.

Plus, 3D it’s still not even mainstream and it won’t be for at least 3 more years since 3D displays are usually way beyond the price range of average buyer to be considered “the future”. 3D introduction price VS. HDTV introduction price is way off.