3D Rhinoceros files do not work on WD My Cloud

Hello, I have a problem with working with external drive - WD My cloud home.
The first problem is that I cannot correctly open any 3dm Rhinoceros file directly from the drive. If I open the file from the PC it works fine but when I try to open it directly from the drive it will crash immediately.

The next problem is when I am trying to use some textures, picture frames or importing different files to Rhino directly form the drive. It stops working or sometimes it is working but you can pan, move, rotate and that is all. You cannot enter any command.

The last problem is saving. It is possible to save but anyway the rhino window will freeze and then I have to end the task.

I would like to kindly ask if anyone had this problem or know how to solve it.

I’ve already asked the Rhinoceros community abut it and got no response.
Note that this happens also with Rhino 5 and 6 and on another computer linked with WD .Other 3d programs work just fine.
Also I have a friend who has the same WD, only the previous version, and Rhino 6 works perfectly.
I have NAS Western Digital MY CLOUD HOME DUO WDBMUT0060JWT-E, 6TB.

Thank you in advance for your response

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I just bought Western Digital MY CLOUD HOME DUO 16TB same issue.

Please somebody from WD help as with this.

What model your friend have?

I bought an older version - WD My Cloud Mirror and it s working just fine. I still don t have a response from WD on how to solve the problem

So you bought WD My Cloud Mirror and it’s working just fine with rhinoceros 3d files?

Yes! As I said, i knew from some friends who have the same model that the rhino files work with this tipe of WD.

I am calling them second day, they say senior technician shoud call be back .

no luck yet .

most probebly i will return product