3000GB(WD30EZRX) does not work with XP SP3 32bit.... :(

My Western Digital Caviar Green 3000GB, SATA 6Gb/s (WD30EZRX) is not recognized by Windows XP SP3 32bit. In device-manager i can see it, but not in workingplace or discmanagement. A pririous hdd von the same controller works normally.

diskpart /rescan does not help

i have tried jumper 7-8-setting, but it doesn´t work

i have installed acronis wd-align, but it don´t regonizes the WD30EZRX.

i got the tips from here:




is my drive defekt? i have stil guaranty(bought a few day´s ago) so i can send it back





Contact WD support drive might ready for an RMA


thx, the drive is regognized now. But only with 1,99TB :frowning:

I don’t think Windows XP supports drives that’s large without modifying the configuration,