3 week old My Book Essential 2TB dying?

I bought a My Book Essential 2TB about 2-3 weeks ago. During the last 3 weeks I slowly got around 200GB of stuff in it. From World of Warcraft backups to movies, pictures and music. Unfortunately this week the HD has been extremely slow.

I downloaded HD Tune Pro today and ran a benchmark its showing me extremely poor transfer rates.

Minimum 0.0 MB/s

Maximum 7.3 MB/s

Average 2.3 MB/s

The hard drive is close to worthless now since it takes forever to just open a folder and any file I try to open “glitches” when playing. Any way to fix it? Is there even a warranty on this things?

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi there, the best way to check if it has warranty is in here http://websupport.wdc.com/warranty/serialinput.asp?aspsid=436377583&custtype=end&requesttype=warranty&lang=en

On the other hand, try to create a fresh partition. Your post only shows the speed, not if there’s a SMART failure or bad sectors, which is more important.