3 TB Drives Keep Disconnecting - 4 TB Drive Works

I have a 4TB drive and 2x 3 TB drives I have plugged the 4 TB drive into my brand new PC and it works fine. The 2 x 3 TB drives I have plugged in say that the installation failed when I plug them in and the computer isn’t recognising them. They keep making the disconnecting from windows sound - that little “duh dum” sound. I don’t know what the reason is. They work perfectly fine on my older computer. I have since tried again on the old computer to confirm this. On the new computer: They dont show up in disk management at all. They don’t show up in my computer. They don’t show up in Device Manager as a named device except in the USB area they are called “USB mass storage device”. I have tried right clicking this, and choosing properties then updating the driver. It said the driver was up to date. I have tried uninstalling the driver and scanning for new hardware. I can’t get them to work on the new computer, but they work on my older computer. Please help! Regards, Oliver

Hi, are you using password protection for the 3TB drives? Can you also share the model number? 

No, I’m not using password protection and I have discovered it’s also happening to my 1TB passport drive. Again, these all work on the old computer, but not on the new one. The passport model number is WDBACX0010BBK-01 The 3TB drives are both: WDBACW0030HBK-01 Thank you.

I have tried them on my girlfriend’s new computer too and they don’t work. Only on my older computer.

Just experienced this 2 days ago on my 3tb My Book Essential. Update the firmware to the latest and it works without disconnecting, but at a slower speed.

Was unable to copy out certain files, so I ran the WD diagnostic tool called Lifeguard or something and my drive failed both the quick and extended test, so you might want to check yours as well.

Thanks for the info darkadam. How do i update the firmware and what level of risk is there of losing the data on the drives in the process?