3 random questions from a newbie

1 - Is the 3.5 composite cable standard or special?  Can I pick up a new cable to connect to my other TV’s to ease the portability?

2 - Does anyone know of a device that can connect a USB hard drive to my router?  Some sort of USB to RJ45 connection.  I saw a Cisco device for $110 but that seems a bit high.  In case I move the device around the house I’d rather not lug the usb hard drive (and the hard drive power cable).

3 -  Has anyone used a USB network adapter?  Does it work as well as if it was wired?

The RCA cable is included and standard.

(It’s a 3.5mm plug on the ‘Live’ end! Not the same as the ‘non live’ version.)

The WiFi adapter settings work just fine if your internet connection is reasonably fast.

With a WiFi dongle connecte and working you won’t need to attach a USB drive to your router, right?

This ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148496)  Seagate drive dock exists (~ $80), and I am sure there are other devices you could use if you like, though I am not sure how well they would interact with the WD TV Live.

So, I can go to best buy and pick up a regular 3.5 mm a/v cable?

Ohhh!  The seagate dock.  What the heck!  A monthly fee!?  I’d take the Linksys Network Storage Link $109 over that but I thikn I’ll know what I’m going to do…

I already have a 150 GB USB hard drive that will work without a power cord, so I’ll make sure I just bring that around the house with me when i move the device to another room.  I’m also going to by a wireless usb adapter.  Not such which one yet. 

As far as the cables go… A friend of mine is going to lend me his camcorder cable to see what that does.  If it works it must be fairly standard and maybe I’ll swing by and pickup a cable or two at the store.

hI!  No help on the cable topic?  Hmmm so sad.

nyjz1298 wrote:

hI!  No help on the cable topic?  Hmmm so sad.

let me first assume we are talking about the WDTV LIVE and you purchased it NEW from a store…

what do you mean?  someone already answered it and more than once i think.

the cable is in the box (black one end, red/white/yellow other end)

buy why would you use the HDMI, and/or OPTICAL (if you don’t have an HDMI receiver, like myself) connections?  i’m guessing you are connecting to an old tv, or bought this used and it didn’t have the cables inside.

if you bought it NEW, just use the cables that came in the box, it comes with everything you need to hook it up to a regular tv set (no HDMI or OPTICAL cables).

Not just that, but like I replied to other post about this matter, unless your TV is er… ancient, in which case it doesn’t matter, component video or HDMI enjoy a significant improvement in quality, so being cheap here doesn’t pay off. After all what good is watching a HQ video on a good quality screen if it’s gonna look like ■■■■ thanks to mosquito noise/dot crawl and other shortcomings of the composite video output? Ofc I won’t even comment about using that input on a HDTV :>

Answer to 1

The Canon stereo/video cable is available from R182 to R259 see Pricecheck.

I also suggest you use the original cables.

I think a lot of you are missing the point of the questions. He’s not asking if he can use the original cable…he obviously can. Why wouldn’t he be able to? He wants a cable per TV so that he doesn’t have to crawl behind his TV and unplug the cable if he wants to take the box to another TV. If all TVs each have their own cable, he could just take the device by itself. Also, he’s not asking about an HDMI cable or he would have included that in his question.

And original poster…what is this???


It’s not going to help to keep the information on this topic spread out across 100 posts. I can see how it would happen if you hadn’t started both threads, but you did. I’m pretty sure you won’t get 100x more feedback if you start 100 threads about the same thing.

You people are trying my patience.

nyjz1298 wrote:

hI!  No help on the cable topic?  Hmmm so sad.

You already got help when you asked in a different post 2 weeks ago. Why not just go to an electronics shop with the WD A/V cable and see if they have anything similiar. Its a basic RCA (phono) lead to 3.5mm jack and not that unique. If you want a WD lead then look on their website for a contact number and phone them. I’m afraid that sometimes you have to do a bit of work yourself even if you are a newbie.