3 Questions about my WD TV

  1. What do I need to get the coverflow working with my movies?  I have every movie I own in a seperate subfolder with a .jpg cover?

  2. (Feature Request) The WD TV needs a chapter skip mode!  Simply fast forwarding does not cut it!  You should be able to skip 5 minutes at a time.

  3. Let’s say I have a 720p movie and a 1080p. Should I switch which mode the wdtv is displaying in according to the file I am playing?

  1. make sure the name of the .jpg is exactly the same as the name of the movie file, so: batman begins.mkv / batman begins.jpg

  2. you can skip 10 mins at a time by pressing prev or next during ffwd/rwd.  also, mkv files support chapters (if encoded that way)

  3. no, you should set the wdtv according to the specs of your TV

Great! Thanks for the reply! : )