3 issues with my wdtvlive

  1. it restarts when i login into my youtube account (found a thread about this in this section and posted there too)

  2. doesn’t play sound with .mkv (encoding is AC3)

  3. doesn’t recognize any of my wireless adapters (i have 2 D-Link adapters, i dunno the exact model right now and one ASUS WL-167g 802.11g @ 54MBps. it doesn’t support these adapters or what? if not, what kind of adapter should i buy? it’s kind of  hard for me to get an ethernet cable from the wd tv live to my router, so i’d rather use wireless instead :slight_smile:

  1. restarts when i try to view someone’s portfolio on flickr

According to WD Knowledge Base these are the approved USB adaptors.

Brand Model
Belkin F5D8051 V3100
Belkin F5D8055 v2
Buffalo WLI-UC-G300HP
New! Buffalo Mini WLI-UC-GN
Buffalo WLI-UC-G300N
Buffalo WLI-UC-GN US
New! D-Link USB Adapter DWA-125 Wireless 150
D-Link DWA-140 V1.30
EnGenius EUB-9701
New! Hi Power Wireless Mini-USB Adapter GW-USMini2N
New! Level 1 Wireless USB adapter WNC-0600USB
Linksys WUSB100 (No Revision)
Linksys WUSB600N V1
Trendnet TEW-644UB V1.0R
Trendnet TEW-645UB
Trendnet TEW-664UB V1.0R
Sitecom WL-329 V1 001
New! ZyXel USB Client Adapter NWD-210N

thank u rich

a 5th issue with my wd tv live would be that after a few minutes of video play from my external hard drive, it stops and says “please safely remove your usb device” (or something like that). if i go back and play the video again, it works.

rockstarrr wrote:

  1. doesn’t play sound with .mkv (encoding is AC3)




What is the video codex used. I found that some video codex might play but don’t have sound such as wmvpro. You cannot expect every codex going to be suppported. Have you tried formatfactory to change the encodin gof the video stream?

fixed that issue. sound settings was set to digital. set it back to stereo and works now.