2x 8TB in My Book Studio Edition II?

Hello, I’m happily running my My Book Studio Edition II 4 TB upgraded with two WD60EFRX 6TB (WD RED NAS) disks for more than two years now. It’s a RAID 1 configuration acting as backup storage connected via FW800.
I recently acquired two 8TB WD80EFAX disks and was kind of hoping to be able to swap them for the 6TB disks.
Alas, not working.
Regardless if I insert just one or both disks the MyBook is rather silent and WD Drive Manager won’t recognise the storage unit.
In principle, would the 8TB disk work in the My Book Studio Edition II ?
According to the spec sheet, from the outside, both disk types (WD80EFAX and WD60EFRX) look quite similar.
If yes, what could be wrong?
Thanks a lot, Michael.

Hi miczac,

As per the specification, My Book Studio™ II enclosure supports drives upto 6TB that’s why WD Drive Manager not recognizing 8TB WD Red drives placed in My Book Studio™ II enclosure. It’s recommended to use drives upto 6TB.

Thanks for the response!
Doh! I should have looked that up before getting the drives.
Seems I’ve to modify my backup strategie!