2TB WD20EVDS Crashed no Reason

I have a 2TB HDD that suddenly Crashed it was working normaly without having any problems . My operating system was XP it was restarted after BSOD ( Blue Screen of death ) and after that the BIOS dosen’t read it and of course the OS also so i tried many times to recover it with no use tried Hiren’s boot CD , Installing Linux and also no use tried to use it on windows 7 tried to put it in an enclosure it dosen’t recgonize it .

Some people said i need to change the Board of the HDD and some say to me say good bye to it , i don’t know what to do . 

BTW the HDD dosen’t have any sound and it works fine and normal but the OS don’t see it.

Thanks in advance

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. They will troubleshoot the drive and replace it if necessary.

To Contact WD for Technical Support