2TB WD Red disconnecting during mid file transfer


I use Windows 7 x64. Just purchased a couple of 2TB WD Red drives a week ago. I also purchased a combo eSATA/USB3.0 HD docking station. My goal is to mount my 2TB drive on my newly acquired docking station then plug it to my external eSATA port and transfer large files ( roughly between 62GB - 560GB ) from my internal Seaget Barracuda 1TB drive. But, when I try to copy or cut and paste the large file, from my 1TB internal to my external WD 2TB Red, half way through the transfer the WD drive completely disconnects and disappears from the list of Hard Drives, even from Disk Management. To make it appear again, I have to turn off and turn on my hard drive docking station.

I tried other old hard drives; eg. 500GB and 160GB Seagate Barracuda; they work fine transfering large files with no disconnects.

Any ideas of why this is happening on the WD Red 2TB HD only?



Hi to rule out any problem with the docking station or the eSata port on the WD red I would connect it to a sata port on the mother board and see if it drops on large file transfers. I say this because there is a big difference on old and new drives advanced format 4k sector size and they support TLER maybe the docking station is the problem. If it works on plugged into the board I would contact the docking station manufacture and see what they have to say. I would also check the temperature of the Red drive when you are transferring a large file drives tend to get hot used in a enclosure or docking station.

I’ll try that. Thanks