Well just to let others know WD locked out my other profile so I could not post anymore.

This is how well Western Digital cares about their customers.

I will never buy another product from WD and will make sure every review site knows the horrible products they make and the even worse customer support.

I just noticed I lost all of my home made videos and some digital pictures and I am growing more furious by the minute.

Wedding videos gone and all family videos (about 20) are gone that I created with Memories On Tv.

My great grandmothers 100th birthday video and pictures are lost as well.

This is along with all the Web devolopement that I have done in that past 10 years and I used previous websites as Templates and dont have them anymore.

I NEVER created a password. The drive worked great for a couple years and then locked itself last week saying its write protected.

I tried data recovery software and because the drive is automatically encrypted (whether you like it or not) theres nothing any Data Recovery software can do.

So I erased my drive because WD Smartware told me to and the drive is still locked.

Can anyone help me with this?

I just want to format and use the drive again and I cant even do that.

sorry to hear about that. if the drive is already formatted and you just wish to use it. my suggestion would be to open the enclosure and purchase another external enclosure. then transfer the drive into the new enclosure. this will get rid of the password issue since you are going to be using another enclosure. by the way the password protect is with the enclosure itself just to let you know.

Thanks for the respone dyames000

WD Support is supposed to call back to help me but I dont think they can do much.

The drive locked me out of my own data!

People buy these drives for “BACKUP” purposes. It even says that on the box of their usb drives!

To have all my information wiped out that I used for my web design business is just unacceptable.

Hundreds of hours of work down the drain.

[Deleted] from WD Support called me back today and has been a great help and is trying to help me get back my data.

Crossing my fingers…