2TB WD External HDD Transfer Speeds Miniscule


Yesterday an issue has arisen with regards to my 2TB External HDD.

I’ve had it for months and use it as additional storage. Ive not encountered any issues to date.

Yesterday morning the HDD became very hard to access.  It takes literally 30mins plus just to get into the folder structure and then another 30mins to see any of the files within folder.

Realising this may be a critical error and the HDD may be failing soon I immediately tried to backup onto my PC some of the crictical data.  However the transfer rate is less than 100kb/sec which is useless for some files which are in excess of 1GB.

Any thoughts on what the issue may be?

Thanks in advance.


Seems to be corrupted or fragmented

try using a recovery software to restore the files

after that reformat the drive

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Any suggestion for the recovery software?