2TB WD Elements takes 2-4 minutes to get detected by computer

Hi. :slight_smile:

I have a 2TB WD Elements harddisk that still has its warranty… Ironically, I bought it because my old 1TB WD Elements failed on me after only a few months of use… and I did not know about these WD forums/web support/RMA possibilities online… and the warranty of the 1TB has expired now :’(

Anyway, my 2TB has always had an odd error… But now, after I have found out about these forums/web forms, I figured I better report it, in case it is dying on me too, although it has always had this error :confused:

The thing is, my 2TB WD Elements harddisk ALWAYS takes between 2-4 minutes to get detected by a computer. I have tried 4 different computers (3 laptops from 2008,2009,2012 and one 2007 homemade desktop PC), and all of them takes between 2-4 (maybe even 5) minutes to detect my WD Elements HDD. two of these computers did not belong to me, and thus had other programs and uses than my computers.
Also, the delay which it takes for my harddisk to be detected doesn’t seem completely random. It seems that my desktop PC is the slowest when it comes to detecting the HDD. A friend of mine bought a 2TB WD Elements identical to mine the same day I bought mine, and it has no problems whatsoever related to it, so I believe its an issue with the ext. HDD… Which is what gets me afraid my second ext. HDD is failing :confused:

Anyone has any clue what can be wrong? Or mayhaps even better, what can be done?

I have already made a support ticket regarding it… How long does it usually take for WD to respond to support cases? I made it on the 3th of January, and haven’t received a response yet. :frowning:
The case-number is: 010313-6440348

Thank you in advance for helping :slight_smile: And thank you a lot for having taken your time to just read this already. :slight_smile:

-Jonas Jacobsen

Ps. All 4 computers ran either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Another odd thing to note is that it seems to take no more than 20 seconds or so (which I consider a normal delay to mount the disk in the filesystem, making it useable) for the HDD to connect to my PS3… This indicates that there is something wrong with the 4 computers, but… 4 computers belonging to both me and another person? That seems unlikely :confused: Also, this issue was not present on my mate’s model-wise identical WD Elements HDD :confused:

Might be a data corruption problem, you can run a test with DLG, if it passes the test I would backup the files and then format it.