2TB WD Drive DUO.. is soooo slow

Morning all.

I have the 2TB WD drive duo drive connected to my pc via usb 3 cable directly.
I have my applications on this drive:

After effects

When I am on the desktop and i start after effects it can take up to 4 mins to start?
Other programs are the same. Is there something wrong with the drive? shouldn’t i be running applications from it?

It is ALWAYS making churning noises as if its writing something and this takes a long time as well.

Windows 10
gtx 1080ti
i7 6600 @ 4ghz
32 gig ram.

Any help or advice appreciated.

WD’s external hard drives are meant for data storage only but not for executable applications. It is recommended to store or install running applications in internal computer storage for higher data processing speed.

Ok thank you. Will take my applications off it.
Should the drive be indexed when right clicking and going to properties?