2TB VelociRaptor required

I have pent-up demand for ten  2TB Velociraptors over the next 30 months (and more units beyond that timeframe). When can we get them here in South Africa?


There is no 2TB Velociraptor yet. And the future of this series of HDDs is uncertain; maybe there won’t be a 2TB version at all, or even if there will be one, it might take longer to arrive, unless WD maintains the funding for this research as is.

I’m not sure how much SSDs affected the Raptor series so far, maybe less than it was originally speculated, as they have their issues. Raptors still fit in my system as gaming drives (2x1TB in RAID-0 outrank my OS SSD in transfer rate), but they’ll be probably replaced by SSDs if the later fix their durability issues and provide efficient capacity for gaming.

Thank you orion24. Point taken. VelocirRaptor on RAID 0 is good despite the fact that the SSDs are improving in leaps and bounds and enjoy the edge on reduced latency. My

problem with continuing to use the VelociRaptor as a system drive is that it has become too big for RAID 0 —because we are then paying for storage that we don’t use (we don’t even require 1TB for system drives); so paying for an SSD then becomes a viable system option: 1TB SSDs already exist at about 500 MB/s and automated garbage collection.

My idea then is that the VelociRaptor should step up to being a fast storage drive; but it is currently too small to compte on capacity. If I can get 2TB VelociRaptors, I’ll use them

on direct attached storage in RAID 0 configuration and also saturate a USB 3.0 channel when doing transfers. By keeping the VelociRaptor bigger than the biggest SSD, it can

continue to be viable —as a fast storage drive, as stated above. Currently, it is too big to be a member of a system RAID 0 set (except in gaming, as you say?) and too small for premium RAID storage. 2TB is also a sweet spot in that it’s the biggest MBR drive possible, when required.