2TB Network Drive Gone and clicking

Hello HDD Guru’s…

For the last two days my harddrive, 2TB My Book Live Network drive, has had a green light.

Today finding it kind of odd, I decided to try and access it.  When I went to “Computer” and clicked on network it showed up, but said it cannot access it.

I restarted my pc nothing.

Since it has disappeared from the network, the light stays green and every minute or so, the drive sits there and clicks for about 45 seconds, then it stops, then it clicks again.

Its the kind of clicking you hear in a failed HDD for those that have heard that noise before.

This thing was on a shelf for about a year, I didnt bang it around when I bought it, it has never fallen over, it just sat there.

It isnt even half full yet.

A year?  Seriously?

Anyone have ANY clues?

Is the data backed up elsewhere? If so I would recommend an RMA. The MBL has a 3 year warranty.

Not all of it…

I have two other 1TB drives that have some of the stuff on them…

But since then I have had a preemie baby.  He was born 3 months early and since we didnt know if he was going to make it, I took pictures of him everyday…I put them on the drive because its a network drive, they arent supposed to fail this soon…my son was in the NICU 122 days and cost over a million dollars to get him home.  I have all his pictures and movies on this drive. 

What is the process for an RMA?  Do I have to send the drive in first?  I am really po’ed and thinking about just buying a similar drive and keeping this one in case one day it decides to work.  I dont think there is a possibility that WD would recover the drive cheap?

I do have a habit of changing drives every 3-4 years…but to fail just over a year is pretty pathetic.

Are there any chances of something to try?

First thing I would do is shutdown and unplug the drive and let it sit overnight to cool down. Doing this, I have been able to get data off a failing drive in the past depending on how far gone the drive is. After the drive started heating up again I would have to repeat the process.

WD does not do data recovery, they have companies they recommend on their website. There are ways to do this yourself, but with the data being so sensitive, I don’t want to steer you in a direction that may cause more issues, especially if your not quite sure what your doing.

For the quickest response for an RMA, I recommend calling them on the telephone. They have an advanced RMA option where they will ship you out a refurbed drive and when you receive that, you send your old drive back to them.


Twonky is gone, everything WD I cannot find…?

Is there a way I can connect my network hd without connecting it to the router/hub?

Can I plug it directly into a laptop’s network port?

What are some other ways of connecting it? It doesn’t have any other kind of port…

Yes, I am uninformed. (Stupid) :slight_smile: